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In this video I’m showing you how to beat Mission 5.

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Club Penguin Mission 9 – Operation Spy & Seek Walkthrough/Cheats

Here is a text guide for more
1. Talk to G, put the yellow duck, the tracking devices, and the blue prints to your inventory.

2. Go to the Ski Lodge, collect the Find Four pieces from the Ski Lodge and the Attic.

3. Pick up the piece of string on the rug, then give all the Find Four pieces to the penguins.

4. Waddle to the Forest, pick up all the sticks. Combine all the items you have (Sticks, Blue Prints and string) to make kite. Combine the kite to one of the devices. Then, go to the Ski Hill and tie the device with the kite on the pole.

5. Go to the plaza, talk to the two penguins. The puffle will blow a bubble with gum, it will get stuck on the two penguins. Click on it and take it, then put it in the yellow duck.

6. Go to the Dock and pull up the brown handle for the penguin by the boat. Ask him for the air pump on pump up the yellow duck. Put a tracking device on the duck and put it in the water by the Iceberg.

7. Go to the Mine Shack and talk to the construction penguin. Click and drag the boards to make the beam fall. Click the cart twice and weld the crack. Then put a tracking device in the cart and click on it again to make it go inside the Mine.

8. G will call you on your Spy Phone, go to the HQ and take the Binoculars 3000.

9. Go to the Ski Lodge, then go through the Ice Fishing door, look through the binoculars and trun right. Waddle back to the HQ and talk to G. Go back to Herbert’s camp, and combine your Spy Phone with the Binoculars. Turn left and place the Binoculars in the third tree. Go back to the HQ, you can watch Herbert on the monitor. Herbert discovers the hidden device.

10. Congratulations! You completed Mission 9, claim your gift and reward!

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(UPDATED) Club Penguin Online Generator