Club Penguin Fashion Show 2012 FUN!

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Club Penguin Fashion Show 2012 FUN!

i dressed up from every party of 2011 and january 2012
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Club Penguin Field Ops 67 was released today. To start with, go to the Elite Penguin Force headquarters for your mission briefing.

Head to the middle of the TV in the EPF headquarters.

Complete it by repairing the system.

You will then receive a message congratulating you!

For more information visit :
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Club Penguin Rewritten – AUGUST 2018 PENGUIN STYLE SECRETS!

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This video will show you the new catalog items, including the secret items for CPR’s August 2018 Penguin Style (Mountain and Snowboarding Edition).

Here’s the receipt for the items to know how many coins you need for whichever item you want to buy:

The Supersonic – 350 coins.
Supersonic Speed Suit – 450 coins.
Evergreen Snow Vest – 350 coins.
The Flying Fishtail – 350 coins.
Electric Pink Snowboard – 400 coins.

The Sub Zero – 300 coins.
The Rad Helmet – 200 coins.
Toboggan Suit – 350 coins.
Spot-on Snowsuit – 450 coins.

Sleet Stopper – 150 coins.
Tundra Board – 400 coins.
Peak Boots – 250 coins.
Yellow Goggles – 400 coins.
Pink Sled Coat – 500 coins.
The Head-turner – 300 coins.
Snow Stopper – 150 coins.
Jacket Winter Yellow – 450 coins.

The Gnarly Helmet – 200 coins.
Summit Boots – 250 coins.
Fuzzy Boots – 250 coins.

The Tuft – 500 coins.
Green Suede Jacket – 700 coins.
Flame Messenger Bag – 300 coins.
Running Shoes – 300 coins.
Splatter T-Shirt – 150 coins.
The Vintage – 500 coins.
Mixed Bracelets – 150 coins.
Flower Messenger Bag – 300 coins.

Red Viking Helmet – 750 coins.
Blue Viking Helmet – 1,200 coins.
Pastel Suede Jacket – 700 coins.
Ocean Blue Hoodie – 400 coins.

Snowboard Helmet – 400 coins.
Ski Patrol Jacket – 600 coins.

Lavender Cape – 1,200 coins.

Snowboard BG – 60 coins.
Summit BG – 60 coins.

TOTAL COST = 14,770 coins.

What did you guys think of the August Catalog? What was your favourite item, and do you have any predictions on what the next party may be?
Let me know is the comments below. Waddle on! 😀

Song: Club Penguin DS Game: Jet Pack Adventure OST (I don’t own the song).
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Club Penguin EPF Mission 2 – G’s Secret Mission

(UPDATED) Club Penguin Online Generator

Here is the guide to help you complete Club Penguin’s mission 2, Gs Secret Mission. Enjoy!

1. First click on G.

2. Then click on I’m here to receive a mission.

3. G will ask you a riddle, the word is mogul.

4. Then put the sled in you’re inventory and go to the mountain.

5. Then put the sled on the test run.

6. You’ll automatically crash.

7 .Now get the rope in front of you and put it in your inventory.

8. Go to the right and get the survival guide.

9. Go to the bush and grab three O-berries

10. Click on the Puffles and give the black one an O-berry.

11. Waddle into the cave.

12. Click on the rocks

13. Now go to the lake and grab the log.

14. Go back to the cave, put the log on the blank spot, and put the survival guide on it too.

15. Set the Black Puffle on the fire by feeding it an O-berry.

16. Go back to the O-berry bush and click on the tree to the left of the bush, the pot falls out.

17. Now go to the stream by the cave.

18. Put the O-berry, the broken ski, and the rope together and click on the fishing rod and put it in the water.

19. Click on the fish and put it in your inventory.

20. Put the pot in the water and go back to the cave.

21. Put the fish on the fire and then put the pot on the fire.

22. Click on the fish and then click on the pot.

23. Now you should hear a sound.

24.Now go outside and you should see a secret agent.

25. He will take you back up, and now you are done.
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How To Get EPF Medals Fast In Club Penguin Rewritten

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The FASTEST WAY to get EPF medals in CPR!

Join My Discord! :

@Twitter :


Music Info:
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We do some of the first penguin missions, its lit.

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(UPDATED) Club Penguin Online Generator


(UPDATED) Club Penguin Online Generator

Descargar cheat engine desde

e instalarlo (da lo mismo que version tengan) (si no saben como instalarlo buscar en youtube como instalar cheat engine 6.1)

Iniciar sesion en PORTUGUES y en un servidor con 1 o 2 rayitas SIEMPRE EN INTERNET EXPLORER

Abrir cheat engine (la version que tengan) e insertar el segundo de los interten explorers de la lista en el cuadrado multicolor

Ir a la tienda de regalos de cp y hacer click en el color azul y darle a aceptar (es necesario tener comprado el color azul)

Ir a cheat engine y seleccionar la opcion array of bytes y colocar este codigo 96 13 00 07 01 00 00 00 07 01 00 00 00 00 5f 70 61 72 65 6e 74 00 en el cuadrado blanco (te deveria salir un resultado al lado izquierdo del cheat engine, dale doble click)

Despues de darle doble click al resultado darle doble click a los numeros de abajo y copiar cualquiera de los siguentes codigos para tener el item dicho arriba del codigo

Por ejemplo usare el codigo para tener pelo rubio con orejeras:
96 13 00 07 75 2C 00 00 07 01 00 00 00 00 5F 70 61 72 65 6E

Y aqui dejo todos los codigos (que los estare actualizando) que se pueden obtener:

primer codigo que deven usar
96 13 00 07 01 00 00 00 07 01 00 00 00 00 5f 70 61 72 65 6e 74 00

peluca con audifonos morados y pelo amarillo
96 13 00 07 75 2C 00 00 07 01 00 00 00 00 5F 70 61 72 65 6E

peluca de mujeres
96 13 00 07 76 2C 00 00 07 01 00 00 00 00 5F 70 61 72 65 6E

96 13 00 07 D8 38 00 00 07 01 00 00 00 00 5F 70 61 72 65 6E

bufanda verde
96 13 00 07 3C 33 00 00 07 01 00 00 00 00 5F 70 61 72 65 6E 74

96 13 00 07 3D 33 00 00 07 01 00 00 00 00 5F 70 61 72 65 6E

vestido morado
96 13 00 07 D9 38 00 00 07 01 00 00 00 00 5F 70 61 72 65 6E

traje de astronauta
96 13 00 07 1C 28 00 00 07 01 00 00 00 00 5f 70 61 72 65 6e 74

traje de payaso
96 13 00 07 07 28 00 00 07 01 00 00 00 00 5f 70 61 72 65 6e 74

pongan me gusta por favor
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