(UPDATED) Club Penguin Online Generator

HEY EVERYBODY, what is up.

So, I discovered an old glitch and wanted to check and see if it still worked.
Need some extra cash? Well, I can’t quite help you in real life.. but on CP Rewritten, I can make you a billionare in a few minutes.
NOW, I can’t say this is without potential for a ban (hasn’t occured yet, but don’t push it) and I’d imagine that this will eventually be patched but for now.. if you need some money; gotchu!

Sorry about the crappy video, as I just threw it together on the spot~

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Download latest Cheat Engine. I reccomend using Google Chrome for this, as Firefox won’t work.. Open the Task Manager on CHROME not WINDOWS). And get the Process ID. Take that and convert that into a HEX (I used Programming Calculator). Select a PROCESS on Cheat Engine(Not window, process) and find the Chrome Process with the HEX from the ID you converted. Than, play a round and don’t die. First Scan your score multiplied by 8 (ex. 200 * 8 = 1600, Scan for 1600). Play another round, and again make sure you have atleast a single life left. Second Scan the new score multiplied by 8. You should be left with a single memory address, Put that into your edit list with the red arrow towards the bottom. Change the variable to any high number. I use ‘122000000000’ and submit the change. Play one final round and DO DIE. Voila, you should have a TON of coins. NOW! Don’t abuse this, as I have been banned following the video(obviously, as I talked alot about it so they probably caught on), BUT have replicated it in smaller batches and have not been banned. USE WITH CAUTION. Hopefully Explains everything!

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(UPDATED) Club Penguin Online Generator